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IELTS Writing Skills Booster

Rs. 2,500/- + Taxes

Are you stuck at a 6 or 6.5 Band Score on IELTS Writing Section? Have you re-attempted the exam and still cannot break the 6.5 Barrier? It’s time to get expert advice on the errors that you have been repeating and were not able to detect.
This writing Booster covers essential exam skills and language for IELTS and familiarizes students quickly with the correct Writing Procedure for IELTS Exam. The course covers both the Academic and General Training modules. Shorter, achievable exam-type tasks build students’ exam skills before students try the more challenging tasks at the authentic test level. The test practice material at the end of each session together constitutes a comprehensive Writing IELTS test. It is aimed to help you improve your writing skills and learn advanced techniques of facing the IELTS Writing Section. In this course, you will shed away incorrect format errors in sentence formations and become adept in producing level-up writing that meets the examiner’s expectations and extracts the desired 7+ Bands in writing.

IELTS Speaking Booster

Rs. 2,500/- +Taxes

Want to boost your IELTS Speaking Score by 1.5 – 2.0 Bands? Our Speaking Booster will provide you with the practice and confidence you require to achieve a higher band score in IELTS Speaking. British Council Master Mind Mapping Techniques that will help you produce enough content for the Cue Card questions and that give you the fluency to speak at a stretch with ease.
It will also give you the insight to include just the right ingredients of Discourse Markers and idiomatic expressions and a perfect conclusion technique that can augment your band scores right then.
If pronunciation is an issue with you Our phonetic pronunciation session will give you enough practice to master it.

IELTS Grammar & Vocabulary Booster

Rs. 2,500/- + Taxes

Vocabulary and the Correct Grammatical Structure is something that helps you speed read and write the exact expression you wish to convey in the essays.
Understanding unknown Vocabulary through concept analysis technique is something that will make you score well even with a limited vocabulary. The application of this technique makes you deal with difficult passages which you don’t find easy to interpret.
If your writing is stagnant at 6- 6.5 bands. Our sessions in the booster will give you just the right edge to display how well you can frame and structure sentences with a variety in grammatical range. Do not forget it’s a Language Testing Exam and if you have the ability to display a spectrum of shades and colors of your language within the assessment criteria no one can take away those bands from you!

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