Which is the Best to Prefer for IELTS? IDP or British Council?

The International English Language Testing System or IELTS is an exam, helping the candidates move abroad for job and study purposes. With passing time, the popularity of this exam is increasing amongst the people. A common thought for everyone who aims to prepare for this examination is the choice between IELTS IDP or British Council. There is one thing clear that there is no difference between the IELTS test, examiners, and marking in the IDP and British Council. What is the difference, then? As you read further, you can answer IDP or British Council IELTS, which is better. Let us start with knowing both these terms better.

What are IDP and the British Council? 

IDP and British Council are part owners of IELTS along with Cambridge English Language Assessment. It means that the Cambridge English Level Assessment complies with all tests under IDP and BC. So you get the same exam under both these organizations. By giving the exam under these councils, you can move to locations like Australia, New Zealand, the UK, the USA, and Canada. They mark the listening and reading sections based on a common answer key. Your score will get calculated based on the correct answers you have answered. It is important to note that examiners in IDP and BC follow the same marking scheme and have gone through the same training. The examiner can belong to any country and can have their native accent. The candidate is also free to choose any accent like Australian, British, or American for the speaking test.

IDP or British Council? Which is better? 

The aim of both these organizations is the same, to help the students appear for the IELTS exam and succeed in their goal of studying or doing a job abroad. However, the International Development Program or IDP offers more examination centers compared to the British Council. In this section, we have discussed some points below, helping you make a wise decision between the two.

  • The test center should be closer to your house.

Choosing a test center close to your home is significant. All the exams, including listening, reading, and writing, will be for two hours and forty minutes. Your mind needs to be fresh during this duration to concentrate and give your best. Traveling to a faraway place on the day of the exam can make you tired. Also, if your test center is at a distance from your home, you will have to wake up early to reach on time. It can reduce your concentration level and potentiality during the examination.

  • Check whether they provide headphones or earphones.

Before registering with any of the two institutions, remember to check whether they provide headphones or earphones for the listening test. Many students prefer to give the exam wearing headphones because they deliver clear and better sound. Some students are more comfortable with earphones. So choose the test center wisely based on your convenience.

  • Checking the test dates

Selecting a test date accordingly is the most crucial consideration while you choose between IDP and BC. Check the various dates offered by different test centers. Then decide the one on which you will be available to appear for the exam. Also, be sure that you will be able to complete your preparation within the given time.

There is not much difference between the IDP and British Council from the content point of view. The question and exam pattern, marking process, and the examiners are all the same. Every year students get confused while choosing the organization under which they should appear for the test. But whether you prefer IELTS IDP or British Council, it will have no impact on your method of preparation or the presentation of results.

There are various beliefs amongst the people regarding IDP and British Council. Many students believe that the exams taken by IDP are easy, while some argue that the examination conducted by the British Council is difficult to score. So their marking schemes are lenient.

Final Words 

People have the misconception that the examiners in both these organizations are differently trained to judge and mark the candidates. Many also have a misbelief that if one gives the IELTS Exam under IDP, the candidate will not be eligible for jobs or studies in the United Kingdom and the United States of America. We want to make it clear that all these assumptions are false. Both the organizations are equally strict in checking the exam and follow the same exam pattern.

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