What Should I Use In My IELTS Exam British English or American English?

IELTS or International English Language Testing System is a type of exam that measures your English language proficiency. As an IELTS aspirant, you might face a dilemma in choosing British or American English. You will see that many students select both kinds of English language for their IELTS test.   

As the name suggests, it is an International test, not any distinct style of English. It means if you write color instead of color, the examiner will not deduct your score. So, if you think that a particular English language will be responsible for your IELTS score, you are wrong. You will not miss a single digit if you select any of those English forms.

So, from the above discussion, it is evident that there is confusion regarding utilizing British or American English for the IELTS test. That is why it is always advisable to clear the doubts from the renowned institutes through the best online IELTS coaching in India. Their trained professionals will clear all your uncertainties before your exam. Also, going through this article will explain all the discrepancies between British and American English and which one to select for your IELTS exam. 

Difference between British and American English

Many people think that there is no difference between them. But there is a disparity in terms of spelling, accent, grammar, and vocabulary. You will notice that the English accent of people in Scotland is different from people in Canada, South Africa, or Australia. Besides, the Americans abandoned the ‘U’ while writing many words. So, if you see the spelling of color, neighbor, and other terms, be assured that these are British English. But the fascinating fact is that all these disparities will not affect your IELTS test whether you use British or American English.

Which one to use between British and American English?

It is the most demanding question in the IELTS test. But the answer is not as complicated as the aspirants think. According to the tutors of the best online IELTS coaching in India, the students can use any English style per their preference and capability. The IELTS accepts both forms, and you will get equal marks if you use UK or US English. 

Can you use both English styles?

Always remember that you cannot mix or use both English languages. You should stick to only one of the styles, be it British or American. Don’t get it? Suppose you are writing organized or color, stick to them as they are American style. On the contrary, when you are writing terms like favor or theatre, use them only as they are in British forms. So, never write organize or any other British vocabulary if you are using US English in your test. Never write in favor of theater if you are using UK English. 

The reason behind not using both the forms

Many candidates might ask why they cannot mix both accents. Well, the reason is simple as both are separate English forms. The IELTS is a global exam, and anyone can either use British or US English. If you use color in one sentence and analyze in the other, this switching of languages will offer you a low score as the penalty for mixing both the English forms. 

British or American accent in IELTS speaking and listening test

As you know, the IELTS is an international English exam. So, you will hear many English pronunciations during the speaking and listening test. You might detect an Irish, a Canadian, or even an Australian accent. As an IELTS aspirant, you must understand these different pronunciations. After all, all of these are various forms of English. So, while preparing for your IELTS speaking and listening test, you must focus on all the accents. To know more about the different pronunciations, watch BBC News and learn the British accent. Besides, to get familiar with the US accent, watch American movies. All these will help you to learn diverse pronunciations of one common language and assists you in scoring high in your IELTS test. 

Final thoughts

You can see that there are numerous differences between the UK and American English. So, when it comes to appearing in the IELTS test, an aspirant might use either form of English and cannot mix both. As an IELTS candidate, you must arrange a balanced set of IELTS materials and focus only on one English language accent. In the end, you can achieve your desired result without getting a low score in this international English proficiency exam.

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