What is essential for Australia? IELTS or PTE?

What is essential for Australia? IELTS or PTE?

Australia is a country with the advantage of multicultural surroundings to stay. Australian universities give exclusive education that encourages every student to be creative, innovative, and powerful to think about different ideas independently. Students who have passed from the top Australian universities in the past are all successful in their lives and career. They hold some influential and prominent positions across the world. In this write-up, we will throw some light on which is most significant-IELTS or PTE to get admission to the best Australian universities.

Fees for Studying in the Australian University

Australia is one of the expensive countries with students needing huge amounts every year for their living costs, according to the student visa requirement of the country. The annual cost of the undergraduate international degree from the ANU ranges between 36400 to 43680 dollars for the Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, or Medical science programs. For the degree graduate programs, the annual charges begin from 36480 up to 45600 for the master’s program. The fee for the Ph.D. programs is starting from 41280 dollars and goes upwards, according to the research.

A comparison between PTE and IELTS

  • People take the International English Language Testing System or IELTS for work and study purposes. You can take the test in two different formats of IELTS Academic and General Training. IELTS General training is perfect for those who want to settle for countries like Canada, Australia, UK, and New Zealand. To be successful in this examination, you can prepare yourself through the IELTS online training by enrolling in one of the best coaching Institutions.
  • The Pearson Test of English (PTE) is a computer-related test covering listening, writing, speaking, and reading. PTE scores are acceptable in all the leading colleges of Australia, Europe, and the UK. You can also use the score for immigration purposes in Australia. There are also two versions of the PTE examination, which are PTE Academic and General. Here the former scores are valid for admission into the educational institutions, and the latter for immigration purposes. 
  • Scoring a high band is tougher in PTE than in the IELTS examination. Since PTE is a computerized test, the chance of human biases is almost negligible. 

The Differences between PTE and IELTS

After checking out the comparison, it is now time to check out the differences between PTE and IELTS, which are as follows.

  • Test format

    The IELTS follows the format of multiple-choice questions or fills in the blanks question, one spoken interview, and two essays. Whereas, PTE on the other hand, includes one mandatory essay, followed by various questions and tasks. It will test the speaking, overall comprehension understanding, grammar, and listening.

  • Level of Difficulty

    PTE is a computer-based test and does not offer any waiting or rest time in between the segments. Thus it consumes much less time, and the process is much faster than the IELTS. On the other hand, IELTS is handwritten, so that outcome might vary based on the biased account.

  • Test Result Date

    The official result for the IELTS exam gets published after 13 days from the date of the examination. The PTE examinations are the fastest, and they can check their outcome within 5 to 7 days.

Which is the best for admission in Australia-IELTS or PTE?

Most of the major universities in Australia accept the scores of the IELTS exam. PTE is best for the students who want admission to the MBA program in the Australian management institutes. IELTS primarily relies on British and Australian English, whereas PTE gives more priority to distinct American idioms. The DIAC or the Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship accepts the IELTS, PTE, and TOEFL test results for visa purposes.

Summing it up

After comparing all the pros and cons of both IELTS and PTE, IELTS is the best examination to take for studying in Australia. If you want to improve the IELTS examination scores, then practice exams are the best solution to try. You can immediately analyze the preparation for both the examinations through formal IELTS and PTE training. It will also assist you in pursuing outstanding scores together with detailed suggestions and feedback. So, achieve a high score in the IELTS examination and get enrolled in any of the best universities of Australia to study your dream subject.

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