What IELTS strategies do you need for your selection in Top Universities?

What IELTS strategies do you need for your selection in Top Universities?

Pursuing a high IELTS score includes consistent preparation for IELTS coaching in Pune and understanding the test format. IELTS is undoubtedly the most popular international examination to test your proficiency in the English language. The students of over 140 countries can take this test in 1600 locations. There are nearly 48 test dates every year. There are primarily two types of IELTS tests. 

Depending on the university you are applying to, you can sit for the IELTS General Training or Academics. The IELTS scores are eligible in more than 10000 universities all across the globe. The IELTS examination consists of four segments of wiring, speaking, reading, and listening. You need to master all these four skills to attain the classes of your favorite university. Although this examination is conducted by the British Council, you do not have to acquire British accents to pursue a dream score in this test. Thus this exam should be your topmost priority if you want to study in one of the finest international universities. 

How much Score is Necessary to get admission to the Top Universities?

The total score of the IELTS examination ranges from 1 to 9. The scale varies as one for non-user, five for a modest user, 7 for a good user, and 9 for an exceptional user. Target to pursue a 6.5 or above score for admission in any of the top universities in native English-speaking countries like the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and many more. 

Test Format of the IELTS examination

The total duration of the IELTS test is for 2 hours 45 minutes. The listening segment consists of 40 questions that you need to answer within 30 minutes. For the academic reading segment, you will have 60 minutes to answer 40 questions. In the IELTS writing segment, you have to finish task 1 and task 2 within 60 minutes. The speaking sector requires only 11 to 14 minutes and includes three parts. Out of this four-segment, speaking is the only exam where you have to converse directly with an examiner.

Strategies to Pursue a High Score in the IELTS Examination

Before beginning your IELTS online preparation for achieving a high score, you should ensure that you are fluent in the English Language. When you have a good foundation of English grammar, reading comprehension fluency, academic level vocabulary, writing with good vocabulary and grammar, speaking and listening comprehension, you should pass on the next step of getting familiar with the IELTS format.

The total time required to improve your English language is dependent on which level you are currently in and the intensity of hard work and study. Spend some time to know the IELTS necessities and get accustomed to the test format. Below we have shared some inevitable strategies you might follow to pursue a high score on the IELTS test.

  • Be consistent by starting your preparation early and often monitor your progress
  • Practice implementing your English skills in four different ways of reading, listening, writing, and speaking
  • Enrich the vocabulary as it will not happen all of a sudden. Target to know at least nine new words every day from various subjects
  • Watch English documentaries or listen to the news on different subjects
  • Master the skills of Standard English grammar systematically
  • Always try to communicate in the English language, whether speaking or writing
  • Try to read out long texts specialized in various subject areas of finance, history, management, culture, science, and many more
  • Practice talking in English with other speakers about your hobbies, everyday life, job, professional aspirations, interests, family, and dreams
  • When you think that you have the solid skills and knowledge about the English language foundation, get enrolled in an IELTS online course and starts interacting with a professional and experienced IELTS teacher
  • If you are unsure whether to sit for the IELTS examination or not, you can take a diagnostic test. It will help you to get feedback from the tutors about your current position and the next step that you should take
  • At the end of the preparation, start working with the full-length practice test under realistic and time constraint exam situation for each week before the final exam

End Thoughts

The primary purpose of the IELTS preparation is to ensure you are really good in English and are ready to get admission to any one of the top universities of any native English-speaking country. Universities will know from your IELTS score that you are a master and fluent in English. Thus, the IELTS preparation is not only about acquiring a high score but to improve your overall English proficiency skills.

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