Tips to lift your IELTS band Score 7

Tips to lift your IELTS band Score 7

The task of achieving a band score of 7 or above is not at all easy. If you are continuously getting a score of 6 or 6.5, this article will be helpful to you as we will share some tips to move above your current score and get on the right track of 7. You might be taking the IELTS exam again and again but getting stuck on the same score. Thus, unless you change your ways for the approach to the examination, you will not get any improvement in the results. It will become a vicious circle. 

Some students think that the more they take the exam, they will have more chances of improving their scores. To some extent, this might happen also, but can you imagine how much time you have to sit for the IELTS test and how long it will take? The exam should never become your means of preparation. It should remain the final step of your success. Once you can reach the band score of band 6 or 6.5, you should target to take a leap of band score of 7 or 8 studying IELTS online. For this, you have to include the English language proficiency, which will be equivalent to the resident of an English-speaking native country. 

To pursue a band score of 7 in every segment of the IELTS examination, you have to do well in each section. You can enhance your preparation to score band seven by following the below tips.


  • Pick out the tinier details of what is being said in the recordings
  • Make notes of the significant things while listening so that you will never miss out on any vital point
  • Try to follow the recording for some markers, so you do not miss the questions and lost the place
  • Always be aware when you have to make changes to the grammatical errors in your answer sheet
  • You have to write, read, understand and listen all at the same time


  • Try to plan out the answers efficiently and rapidly
  • Check out other model writings to know-how should be your pattern to score your desired marks
  • Enhance your vocabulary, knowledge of English and grammar for formal academic writing pattern
  • Include an extended vocabulary range and remain flexible in your application of new words in the formal writing
  • Do not use any words that you do not know the meaning of
  • To improve your band score in the writing segment, concentrate on enhancing the task 2 writing as it includes double marks compared to task 1


  • Need to have a good vocabulary range so that you can almost immediately spot the synonyms
  • Grammatically organize every answer whenever you find any related information 
  • Always work quickly and pace yourself so that you can answer every question with ease 
  • A clear understanding of the concept of how certain specific negative linguistic devices operate in English so that you will match the text information and the questions precisely
  • Implement keywords that will not only help you to find the correct place in the text but will also know when it is the proper place


  • Try to speak comfortably on different topics range
  • Deliver good flexibility and knowledge of the English language
  • Implement an extensive range of modal verbs, tenses, and other grammatical practices in offering the comments and opinions in the answer in response to the questions of the examiners
  • Always be ready to structure some short talk and deliver it with complete confidence and fluently in an interesting way
  • Be able to listen well and formulate the answer simultaneously

Other tips to boosts your IELTS score to band 7

Now let us take a quick look at some other tips below that will boost your score to a high band seven or above.

  • Practice readable handwriting
  • Maintenance of the examples logbook for speaking and writing questions separately as both of them include different question sets.
  • Application of perfect and correct spellings
  • Maintenance of the record book for having terminologies and ideas about every topic while being in the practice period

Final Words

Each module includes a different way of depicting the English language. We can thus sum up by saying improving self-knowledge, proper analyzing of every topic, and improving basing English language skills, you can easily score a band of 7 in the IELTS examination. For this, you will not require any advice or technique. You can also get help from the best institution that will help you to study IELTS online and get your desired score in the next exam!

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