The Ultimate Guide to IELTS for UKVI

As you might know, IELTS stands for International English Language Testing System. But IELTS for UKVI means IELTS tests for UK Visas and Immigration. It offers a directory of SELTS or Secure English Language Tests for visa application. IELTS measures the proficiency of those whose mother tongue is not English. For UK visa applications, IELTS for UKVI was designed by keeping in mind several requirements of UK visas and the immigration system. But there is no discrepancy between the IELTS and IELTS for UKVI in their difficulty, content, and scoring procedures levels. They are slightly different from others in terms of accepting results from other segments. To give you more idea about this exam, we have tried to explain multiple factors of IELTS for UKVI. 

The varieties of UKVI tests

IELTS for UKVI has three types of training modules. One is general training, and the other two are academic training and IELTS life skills. They measure English proficiency if anyone wants to stay, study, and work in the UK. So, do you desire to learn more about them? If so, then the below segment will help you in this process.

  • IELTS for UKVI General Training

If you want to study the degree level or wish to migrate to the UK, you need to undergo this training. But why so? Well, it practically measures your English speaking proficiency as the tasks and tests exhibit both workplace and cultural circumstances. 

  • IELTS for UKVI Academic Training

Whether you want to seek professional registration or wish to achieve an undergraduate or postgraduate degree, academic training will help you in this. It measures the English proficiency level in the most suitable educational setting. After the training period, it evaluates whether you are all set to start studying or not.

  • IELTS Life Skills

It consists of three levels, namely A1, A2, and B1. If you applied for a UK visa as a family member of a settled personage, you need to show English proficiency in A1 level. The A2 level is applicable when you desire to extend your family. Last but not least, the B1 level is for those who want British citizenship. 

Requirements of the IELTS for UKVI

The various necessities for the UKVI IELTS are as follows.

  • A skilled worker visa needs CEFR level B1 with a 4.0 score. 
  • Tier 2 of sportsperson visa requires CEFR level A1 with a 4.0 score.
  • Tier 2 of the Minister of Religion visa demands CEFR level B2 with 5.5 marks.
  • Tier 4 of general student visa (below degree level) requires CEFR level B1 with 4.0 marks
  • Tier 4 of general student visa (degree level and above) needs a CEFR level with a 5.5 overall score.
  • Family of a settled person visa demands CEFR level A1 with a 4.0 score.
  • British citizenship visa requires CEFR level B1 with an overall score of 4.0. 

IELTS for UKVI exemptions

The following circumstances might exempt you while applying for IELTS for UKVI. 

  • If your age is 65 or over.
  • If you have mobility and other severe issues that restrict you from catering to your needs.

Test booking method

With original and relevant information, you can book the IELTS for the UKVI test online. After that, you must submit your details on the exam day. If the data have any discrepancy, you will not be allowed to appear in the test. 

The blueprint of IELTS for UKVI

The IELTS for the UKVI test comprises four segments. 

  • Reading test of 60 minutes
  • Writing test of 60 minutes
  • Listening test for 30 minutes
  • Speaking test for 11-14 minutes

You can complete the first three tests in one sitting, but the speaking test might take up to seven days before or after the above tests. But if you want to apply for the IELTS life skill test, it only contains speaking and listening tests. 

The tests are administered face-to-face with an invigilator and a test taker. You have to converse on any topic or some tasks, and the examiner will measure your English proficiency. The IELTS makes use of the nine-band scale number method to evaluate English proficiency. After evaluation, you will get your report card having the score of the tests. 

Wrapping it up

In conclusion, we hope that after going through this article, you can direct yourself more positively in the exam of IELTS for UKVI. So, be prepared and apply for it with no worries.

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