The Match Headings Test of the IELTS exam

The Match Headings Test of the IELTS exam

In the reading section of the IELTS examination, there is a segment where you will have to match the required headings with the test sections. This question type tests the capability of the IELTS aspirants to understand the concept of every paragraph. Headings are a type of short sentence that summarizes the complete information present in the paragraph. There will be a choice between 5 to 7 headings, and you will have to match every paragraph in the reading module with one heading. There are always more headings than the total number of paragraphs present. In this article, we will share different strategies through which you can match the headings of the IELTS exam.

Problems faced while matching the headings.

Most students face some common problems while matching the headings with the paragraph, even during their IELTS training in Delhi. We have mentioned some of them below.

  • There will be too much information to go through but limited time
  • Some of the headings appear to be the same
  • Spending too much time on the same heading or paragraph for long
  • Trying to match the word in the heading with that of the text
  • Go through only the first paragraph sentence and do not get its chief concept


  • Do the question of matching the heading at first. In this way, you will get the generalized text meaning as a whole and will assist you in answering the remaining question that might need a more detailed look into the paragraph.
  • If there is a word that you do not understand, then do not worry about that. Think about the general meaning of the entire paragraph and not on some specific words. Sometimes even the native speakers do not understand every word in the IELTS examination
  • If two or more heading is looking similar to you, then write them beside every paragraph and try to figure out the primary difference between the two. Try to find out the keywords and which one with the paragraph the most.
  • Avoid reading anything which is already known to you. You will get marks on them text-only.
  • Do not panic if you do not understand any general text topic of the reading segment. This module is not a test of your knowledge, and you should not have any information about the topic before this.
  • Do not read every word of the paragraph. It might take up your time. Only understand the primary concept of every paragraph. The best way to carry out this is going through the first two and the last sentences of the paragraph. You can also go through the entire paragraph briefly, but do not go through each word.
  • Most students try to look for words that will match the word in the text. In this context, they forget to look at the synonyms of the word.
  • If you are confused about which headings will match the paragraph best, then come back to this question later. It will be easier for you to identify the answer when you might have already matched some headings.
  • Do not go through the paragraphs too rapidly. Some teachers in IELTS training in Delhi advise skimming the text as you will not have much time. But you can do it a little slower and understand what the paragraph is trying to say to you.
  • Do not go through the headings first. It will lead you to look for specific words in the text instead of the chief idea. Remember, examiners are testing your abilities to identify the primary concept and not certain information. Instead of reading out the headings at first, get the generalized text meaning of every paragraph first by going through the first and last sentences.


The strategies for scoring high in the matching headings section are as follows.

  • Do not look at the headings
  • Do not worry about underlining the keywords
  • Summarize the general meaning of every paragraph not more than two words
  • Solve this type of question at first in the reading segment
  • Match the headings which you are sure of and are obvious
  • Look at the headings, and find out the keywords in every heading


These are all the problems most students face while solving the match headings test in the IELTS examinations. We have given you the best solutions and strategies that you can follow to solve this segment. You can try them out with any of the practice tests for the IELTS exam.

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