The Best Guide to Prepare for IELTS in Two Months

The International English Language Testing System, or IELTS, is considered a gateway to have a degree from an overseas college or university. Since this test is global, achieving a higher band score in it is not a simple task. The Best Online IELTS Coaching Classes provide a compact study plan for the candidates who want to complete the preparation in just two months. The best two months study plan for IELTS includes constant learning and practicing.  

IELTS wants all your dedication, hard work, and patience. As the bi-monthly study schedule includes all of this, following the plan would be the wisest decision. In the following section, we have shared the most desirable education program to prepare for IELTS in two months. Even many veteran and reputed institutes follow this plan.

The way of preparation is the primary key to crack IELTS  

IELTS preparation is like strolling around a vast field. It is tough to cover each portion of the broad syllabus. The Best IELTS Online Preparation Course fits this expanded syllabus within a tight schedule so that you miss nothing. 

An IELTS aspirant must focus on boosting his/her English language skill level and exercising the mock questions set according to the IELTS pattern. Experienced IELTS coaches suggest spending more time on brushing up language skills.  

A mock test reflects your improvement just like a mirror 

The primary and ultimate step of preparing for IELTS is taking a mock test. You will see improvements and current status through these mini-tests. It will be best to attempt mock tests on particular subjects. It is the best way to evaluate your depth in that specific subject. 

Mock tests will aid you in setting a goal. When the time is short, setting a goal is salient. Proper IELTS guidance and hard work can hike your band score three-level higher within just a couple of months. 

The study plan you should follow thoroughly for two months

Experienced teachers suggest the below study plan to achieve a marvelous band score in the IELTS exam. 

  • The first couple of days

Although dedication and hard work are equally important, do not pressurize yourself from the very first day. It can tire you to lose interest. The first thing you can do is go through the exam pattern of IELTS. Detailed knowledge will help you to get an idea of what sections need more attention. As IELTS has a different scoring pattern, understand it clearly. 

Enrich your vocabulary by reading newspapers, daily journals, and magazines. You can note down all the unknown words you have come across. Revise the list thoroughly every day and try to use those words in your sentences. Veteran teachers presume this the best way to remember an unfamiliar word. 

  • From the third day to the thirteenth day

According to experts’ advice, this is the best time to learn information skimming and scanning techniques. As you have to read broad texts within a short time in the final exam, these methods help you get a gist of the passage without reading it thoroughly.  

Now try to raise the difficulty level of the mock test. Practice reading tricky passages by taking less time every day. Identify the tough questions and attempt to solve them. Start preparing for the listening exam. Be all ears to podcasts and interview online with different accents.  

  • The next seventeen days, a crucial time

Try investing at least ten hours a day in studying. Continue to take mock tests and vocabulary boost. Spend at least one hour rehearsing the IELTS reading section. 

Take out some time to listen to interviews in order to get familiar with conversational English. While exercising the speaking section, try to gain confidence gradually. Else you cannot expect a higher score in the speaking exam. Daily English communication will help you. 

  • The first half of the second month

You need to practice the IELTS speaking portion for at least two hours a day. Carry on all the speaking exam-related strategies mentioned earlier. Besides, try to speak on various topics and different contexts in English.  

  • Stay cool during the last two weeks

Hopefully, now you have seen a drastic improvement in your speaking skill. So, for the last fortnight, exercise the IELTS writing exam as much as you can. Learn innovative writing techniques to improve the band scores. Speed up in this section to cover at least four hundred words in sixty minutes. 

For the last three to four days, revise all the sections with the same effort. 

Wrapping it up 

Cracking the IELTS with two months of preparation is not a big deal now. Any candidate can do that just by following the study plan. Confidently prepare for the IELTS, and the hard work will get paid for you.

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