Step by Step Process for Improving Your Score from Band 5 To 7

To get hired in a reputed organization, you must have band seven in your IELTS general exam. But is it possible to improve your band score from five to seven? Well, the best institute for online IELTS coaching in India suggests that attaining a certain level of English language is enough to improve your score. To get a good score in your IELTS general training, you need to perform well in all modules. It will help if you get enrolled for the IELTS best online course to improve your score. The IELTS examination is divided into various sections. The grades that you get in all the sections will get added up and averaged to acquire the total score. We have discussed tips for improvement in each section below. 

IELTS Writing

This is the most challenging module of all. This is because you must keep in mind things like spelling, grammar, punctuation, essay structure, and many more. You need to accomplish two writing tasks. You will be given formal and informal letter writing as task one. Whereas writing on a topic in about forty minutes will be task two. Be accurate with the formats to excel in task one. Convey the central idea of the letter correctly. You can divide the letter body into paragraphs like introduction, problem, action, and conclusion for leaving a good impact on the examiner. Try always to close the letter on a very positive pitch.

To exceed more in this section, try to work more on areas like grammatical range and accuracy, vocabulary. Link your ideas well and answer questions properly. Following the standard essay and letter, the structure is a good way of improving the score. One of the most important things to remember is to adhere to the word limit strictly. Dedicated practice sessions are a must for writing so much under a time constraint. IELTS’s best online courses can help you in improving your performance significantly. If you find this section hard even after practice, try to get a decent score here and ace the other examination parts.

IELTS Reading

As already mentioned, a score of 36 out of 40 questions should be correct to get a good band score in this module. Always remember that you will get only sixty minutes to read three texts and answer forty questions. So, you cannot afford to make a mistake here. Time management and the ability to judge complex language will be the keys to improvement. 

Along with understanding the texts, you need to write answers with no spelling errors carefully. Although there will be no negative marks for incorrect answers, you still need to attempt all the questions. Experts suggest working on time management, logic deduction, and a proper inference from the given texts. We will recommend you read articles of varied types every day. This way, you can improve your band score from band 5 to 7. 

Speaking Module

Remember, you will be primarily judged based on your fluency, vocabulary, grammatical range, and pronunciation. There is a 25% significance of each in this module. Speak to the examiner with confidence. Start interacting in English with your friends and family to improve fluency. 

Some more tips that you can follow is that you must not be shy to the examiner. Clearly explain your ideas with appropriate examples and take comments from your friends on your speech. Recording your speech and listening to it later will also help you judge yourself and improve. There are no shortcuts that will make you a fluent speaker overnight. Only regular and dedicated practice sessions can improve your score in the speaking section. 

Listening Module

In this section, too, you need to get thirty-five or thirty-six answers correct out of forty to get a band score of more than seven. Start listening to audio clips like podcasts, radio shows, videos, lectures, and others in English regularly. However, if you face difficulties in grasping and understanding the pronunciation of specific phrases, then listen multiple times till you understand. Scrutinize the changes in intonation. You can inculcate these in your speaking to ace your speaking section. 

Final Thoughts

Nothing can fetch you an overnight success. All the areas of judgment in the IELTS exam will improve only with a continuous organic procedure. Make sure that you are aware of the syllabus from the official website. Check out the previous years’ papers to get more ideas about the type of questions asked. Best online IELTS coaching in India can help you improve your skills and attempt the paper within the given time frame. The effective study material and practice tests are provided by online coaching will help you achieve your goal quickly.

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