How do I start preparing for IELTS?

How do I start preparing for IELTS?

Most of the students feel confused while they begin their IELTS preparations for the examination. With so much online information, it will be hard to know where to start with, getting the highest score results. In this write-up, we will be sharing some simple strategies that will help you to get the best result in the first go.

To understand how the Scoring Works

It is significant to understand the scoring system that works in the IELTS exam, so you can approximately measure the progress. The examiners grade the aspirants on a scale of 1 to 9. This grading system is known as the bands. When you are acquainted with the band system implemented in the IELTS, you can apply this grading system to specific sections of the test. In each sector of reading, speaking, writing, and listening, there are separate grades and a band score. The final result of the IELTS examination will become the average of all four sections. For instance, let’s say that the IELT result for speaking is 8, reading is 7, listening is seven, and writing is 6. Then your total average score will be (8+7+7+6)/4 is band 7. 

Understanding the Test Format

To shine out in the IELTS examination, you should have a clear concept of its format. It will prevent the student from being surprised on the final test and permit the aspirant to concentrate on the English Language proficiency. The listening section consists of 4 segments and 40 questions and lasts for 30 minutes, while the reading section consists of 3 segments and 40 questions and lasts for 1 hour. A speaking section consists of 3 segments and lasts for 10 to 15 minutes. Writing General and Academic consists of two tasks and both last for one hour. Once you can understand the exam conditions, you can start preparing for the IELTS test. 

Know Your Present Situation

The best method of knowing the present circumstances you are in from the English proficiency level is to complete a practice paper just like the main exam situations and ask someone professional to mark yourself. You can also improvise your concept of the examination by sitting for more and more practice papers. However, you should only trust the practice papers from reliable and official websites or institutions for the exam. You need to understand the difference between IELTS preparation and practice. Never believe that completing a practice paper will improve your band score. The practice papers will only help you to learn from your mistakes and enhance your abilities. 

How to Finally Start Preparing

Find the level of English language you are currently in. You can take the help of a leading coaching institution, which will guide and prepare you with their IELTS tips and take you to the perfect level for sitting for the main exam and achieve your targeted score. Learn specific listening and reading methods for handling different questions in the test. Enhance your vocabulary and grammar skills to enhance the band score in the examination. Do not go for free online IELTS preparation tips as it might confuse you further as there is numerous information. Choose any one IELTS online coaching institution that you could rely on and follow their methods. Remember, in the end, the only thing that will matter is the satisfaction of the examiners. 

Final Thoughts

Do not try to be overwhelmed in the examination. You will get to know much new information about English speaking, writing, listening, and reading skills, helping you during your abroad staying tenure. If you can consider IELTS as the first significant path in your new life journey, then you can score a high band in this examination painlessly and effortlessly.

How to STUDY SMART IELTS training will help?

Study Smart IELTS training is one of the top institutes for IELTS preparation. We have included everything like classes, Mock tests, Self-learning lessons, in our package. Our Course is the one-stop solution for IELTS Preparation. We use the Zoom platform for our live classes. If you have missed any classes, we will provide a recording of classes as well. One more key feature of our course is Online Study Portal. You will get a Grammar and Vocabulary session in Portal. You will get access to the portal for 6 months.  We have included multiple tests like sectional tests for individual modules and full-length tests to prepare for the final IELTS Exam. We also provide a handbook designed by our expert trainers. We have also provided tips and tricks by IELTS Experts.

Our Trainers are Cambridge and British Council certified. This is the reason our success rate is 96 %. Students can attend our classes from anywhere anytime. You can contact our experts for any query related to IELTS training and Study Abroad. 

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