Guide for Cambridge IELTS 10 Test 3 Writing Task 2

The International English Language Testing System, also known as IELTS, is an exam that helps migrate to a country for a job or study purpose where English is the native language. These countries are Australia, the USA, Canada, New Zealand, and the UK. It is not much difficult as it seems. With the help of proper guidance and some useful tricks, one can score band 7 with ease in this exam. Anyone can pursue a great score in Cambridge IELTS 10 test writing task 2 if they get proper guidance in the right direction. 

Guidance for Cambridge IELTS 10 Test 3 Writing Task 2

By following a few salient steps, one can achieve success in the IELTS writing test. The process of writing a flawless essay is as follows.

1. Understand the Question

The first vital step to write an accurate essay is to understand what the question requires from the candidates. The trick to grasp this step is to point out the keywords. Start by making a list of key phrases or keywords of the asked question. Get an idea about the primary concern of the question. Most of the time, the essays ask for your opinion, if it is positive or negative. As the question demands perspective, the answer may vary from candidate to candidate. Some may answer it as positive or negative. On the contrary, some will answer by highlighting both the positive and negative opinions. But none of the opinions are going to be marked as wrong. You can form your essay using any views as you are willing to.

2. Planning the Essay

The other most significant step is to plan a strategy to write the essay. This step works as a time-saving trick. It will help you to stick to the topic and will not let you go off-topic. Writing the point answer is very important. Planning the essay before starting to write helps to continue a balanced essay from start to the end. You need to follow individual steps to write different IELTS essays. Though planning an essay is a complicated process, you could find similarities in those processes too. After practicing a lot, you will learn about the technique to plan and frame an essay with no difficulty. 

3. The Essay Structure

 The next step is to give a structure to the essay. After you have understood the essay and made a plan to write, the next step is to structure the essay. The main motive of doing this is to make the writing intact, consistent and logical, the perfect mix of cohesion and coherence. The answers to the IELTS essay questions need to be contrary. As the questions ask for opinions, an argumentative answer is the only option. Each paragraph of the essay must consist of elements related to the topic, practically and theoretically.

4. Writing Process

It is the last step of writing an essay. First, start with an introduction. This section should include two elements, paraphrase and thesis. Then write a paragraph about the topic. After that, add two argumentative opinions, one positive and one negative. Each of the arguments must follow with an explanation. Then put an end to the essay with a relevant conclusion. Remember never to add any point irrelevant to the topic. It will just make the answer monotonous and will leave a negative impact.

Most students, including the native English speakers, require some training for the IELT writing section to get a score of a band seven or more. Through proper coaching, you will learn to implement various grammatical styles, build coherence, include an apt vocabulary, and implement natural linking between different sentences. Thus, if you want to pursue a score of more than band 7 in Cambridge IELTS 10 test 3 writing task 2, then the best way is to look for professional help.

End Thought

Cambridge IELTS 10 test 3 writing task 2 is a test full of competition. Hence, to rank a band seven or above, one needs to be wise and hard-working at the same time. You do not have to sit and study for hours to pass this test. With the assistance of proper instruction, advice, and thorough practices, this test will seem as easy as any other exam. So, if you are thinking about shifting to another country and are worried about the IELTS test, leave the tension and get prepared for the test. It is worth a try.

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