Five tips for practicing without an IELTS speaking partner!

Five tips for practicing without an IELTS speaking partner!

It is a well-known fact that the best way to improve our speaking skills is to communicate with an experienced teacher who will help you to focus on achieving high scores in the IELTS examination. But what if you do not have a teacher or want to practice and enhance your speaking abilities outside the classes also? In this article, we will be sharing with you the best five tips for practicing the English language even without a speaking partner for the IELTS preparations.

Amateur Dubbing

Select a movie, TV show, or a YouTube video in the English Language. Try to understand what every character is saying. Later try to say the same but in your own words without changing the meaning. You can, in fact, record your speech and listen to it afterward to find out your mistakes. You can likewise stand in front of a mirror and talk to yourself. You can select any topic like your to-do list, a summary of what you have done for the entire day, try saying the tongue twisters, and many more.

Fill in all the lexical gaps.

Most of the students learn the lexis back to front, which means they learn new words and look out for opportunities to use them in the test. But you are required to do the opposite. You should avoid using high-level lexis and only use words naturally in your sentences. You can start by solving the practice speaking tests of a reputed IELTS coaching institution and begin answering them naturally. Identify out the word that is stopping you from expressing yourself clearly and their meaning from the dictionary. 

Concentrate on the Fluency

Unless you have a very high English level, you will not understand your lexis and grammar errors. Most aspirants complain that they know the exact words, but they do not know how to pronounce them. It means they include a higher passive knowledge of the language than being active. You can work on this just by practicing more and more speaking. Select any speaking topic and try to speak on that for about two minutes with no interruption or fumble. You might not be very much success on your first attempt, but continue speaking. It is the beauty of speaking alone. Practicing the same lines, again and again, will help you in improving your fluency. 

Practice pronouncing some specific sounds through the dictation Applications

Do you always struggle in pronouncing some specific words in English? If yes, then work hard to ensure that these problems will not have any impact on your communication. Remain particularly careful about the minimal pairs. Various sounds alter the word meanings when mispronounced. If you are facing any problem in pronouncing a specific word, then you can record it on the phone and start practicing it till you can speak it perfectly. 

Learning to Work on the Intonation

One of the most suitable ways for enhancing the speaking score is to work on sentence stress. Too many IELTS test participants either sound like a robot while speaking as they put emphasis on every word or speak too quickly and include no intonation at all. Most of the native speakers place pauses in between the words for emphasizing the most important ones. There are two different ways of trying this- the first way is mimicking the native speakers. Through this method, you will learn to break the sentences into correct chunks and include an outstanding rhythm in your speech. 

Final Thoughts

Speaking is one of the most active English language skills that require a lot of practice. If you cannot find a speaking partner, then do not waste any more time and start practicing with yourself. Spend just 15 to 20 minutes a day on your speaking skills will create an enormous difference in your final day’s performance. Hopefully, these IELTS tips will help you to improve your overall score in the examination.

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