Effective Tips and Tricks for IELTS Listening

Efficient Tips and Tricks for IELTS Listening

Is it possible to get a high band score of 9 on the IELTS examination? The answer to this query is yes. There are few specific elements that you should do to pay attention to the listening segment in the test. In this write-up, we will share some tips and tricks that will improve the band score and even get it as high as 9. So without further delay, let us look into some of the tips to enhance your listening skills for the test discussed below.

  • Improvise the general skills for listening 

The primary goal of the listening module of the IELTS examination is to test your ears. If you are thinking to score high in your practice test in the IELTS Online Course will get you a high score in this segment, you are wrong. These tests will help you become familiar with the main exam but will not enhance your listening capabilities. It will be much more efficient if you do different listening exercises like listening to TV shows, radios, or documentary programs.

  • Types of Words

Skip the questions and start thinking about which word types will fit into the gap. Should it be a verb, noun, adjective, or adverb? This will assist you to concentrate more on the different word types while you are listening to the recording in the test.

  • Identify the Word Indicators

Identify the different word indicators like however, then, finally, and but. They will assist you in finding out how the speaker will speak next. 

  • Recheck for the silly mistakes

In between every section, there is a gap of almost 30 seconds to recheck the answers. It is significant for checking out the spellings, word forms, and plurals. Remember that only the correct answers will get full marks. 

  • Do not leave any answer empty.

You will not lose any mark for the wrong answers. Thus it is better to write something than to leave the answer sheet empty. You can again read the question and make a guess. 

  • Polish your vocabulary

Section 3 in the listening segment is always related to anything on education. Thus learn all the vocabulary relevant to the university. It will also help you to understand this segment better.

  • Plug-in into the situation

Try to create an idea about the circumstances. Before the beginning of each section, you will listen to an introduction like “Now you will hear a conversation between” or “you will listen to a lecture on.” This information type will not be available on the question paper. Thus you have to be super attentive. You also have to note who the speakers are, where they are, and why they are speaking. It will help you listen to the remaining recording and make it easier for you to understand and write down the answers.

  • Never lose any attention. 

Usually, you get only one chance to hear the recording. Therefore, if you cannot hear any word, do not worry and leave the question blank. In the end, you can review those queries, or you will miss out on more answers and be in a complicated situation. You have to listen, read, and write simultaneously in this segment.

  • Do not pen down the answers too much rapidly.

Most of the aspirants of the IELTS examination fall into this trap. Whenever you hear the needful information, you consider it as the exact answer. But this information might be proven to be incorrect in the recording later. Thus you have to be patient before writing down the final answer. 

  • Transfer all the answers precisely.

At the end of the listening module, you will get a total of 10 minutes to transfer all your answers into the sheet. Sometimes the students get confused in the numbering. Whenever you note down the answers, recheck if you have written it into the correct space or not.

  • Read the questions carefully.

Before starting the recording, go through the questions first. It will help you to know what type of answer you have to look for in the recording. It will also assist you in concentrating more on the particular questions asked.

  • Practice shorthand

You will have only 10 minutes to transfer all the answers to the answer sheet. Thus, practice shorthand or short forms so you can roughly write the answer and can recognize it while transferring it to the main sheet. 

  • Conclusion 

Scoring a band score of 8.5 or above is not easy, but with proper strategies and IELTS online training, you might feel confident. Thus, remember to implement all the resources at the disposal and master the listening skills for the IELTS examination!

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