Are you having trouble with writing a Task in the IELTS Exam?

Are you having trouble with writing a Task in the IELTS Exam?

According to the IELTS examination aspirants, the hardest section to score high is writing a task. The writing segment consists of two tasks of 1 and 2. Although task 1 includes letter writing for IELTS General training and reports writing in the IELTS Academic is comparatively easier than task 2. Most of the students find task 2 more challenging. In this segment, you have to answer a specific question where you have to pen down an essay with a minimum of 250 words. But do not forget that you have a limited time for the task. You have a total of 40 minutes to represent the given topic in your own words with no mistakes.

You have to write different essay types, including the opinion essay, merits, and demerits essay, argumentative essay, mixed essay, and problem and solution essay. You need to identify the essay type asked and write down the answers accordingly. The essay is scored based on coherence and cohesion, task response, grammatical range and accuracy, and lexical resource. Each factor contributes a 25% score of the writing task. An online IELTS Preparation will help you consider all these parameters and assists you score a high band. In this write-up, we have shared some strategies and tips that will help you to ace this writing task like a professional.


Understanding what the question is asking will help you to overcome every problem. It is significant to remain focused on all the issues present in the question. Look at the question and identify the type and the primary keywords. Always try to find out what the examiner is expecting you to answer in the essay. Do not write on a general topic, as it will only help you score a band of 5.

Get familiar with common topics.

A reputed institution for IELTS preparation will assist in getting familiarized with the model questions, test patterns, and many more. It will widen the vocabulary while brainstorming more ideas. Reading an English newspaper will enhance your vocabulary by keeping you updated with the surroundings. The IELTS writing exam does not analyze your knowledge but also your proficiency in the English language. Thus write your answer with a clear concept and multiple real-life examples to make your writing more enhanced.

Implement Personal Opinion

One of the most enhanced ways to write an essay is to implement your personal opinion. Imagine that the essay topic is a question about you and your friend; phrase the answer as if you consider and believe in what you are writing. Implement your thoughts in it and use related examples in the essay to make it transparent. Thus if you can thoroughly understand what the essay topic demands, then you can climb a score of 7 without difficulty.

Taking care of the Lexical Resources

A lexical resource is one of the most significant writing assessment criteria that contribute most to the writing task. But most of the students attending the IELTS examination are unaware of the implementation of the lexical resources. It refers to the sufficient vocabulary range implementation, word formation and collocation implementation, and correct spelling use. Those who have no idea about lexical resources implement repetitive and boring words in their essay. But the examiner will always give more marks to the answers, which will have phrases and word varieties. When such knowledge or implementation is absent in your answer sheet, he /she considers that you have poor vocabulary knowledge and marks the answers accordingly.

Finish your answer

Most students tend to leave the answers incomplete to finish the writing task before the time runs off. Also, never implement only bullet points or short answers to complete the writing task, as this is an incorrect practice. The IELTS examination tests your skills for the English language. Thus, when you leave a specific question blank, an examiner will not be able to judge your skills and will give you poor grades. Try to formulate every point in a separate paragraph with two to three lines of detailed explanation. In this way, you might showcase the writing skills to the IELTS examiner and create a positive impact on him/her.

Finish your answer

To ace the writing task of the IELTS exam, only practicing will not suffice. You have to enrich your writing skills through a full practice test, model answers, proficient feedback, and model answers. You can very well sign up for an online IELTS Preparation in a reputed institution that will allow you to understand and learn which writing areas you should focus more on.

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