All Information about IELTS Exam

All Information about IELTS Exam

The IELTS stands for International English Language Testing System. It is one of the most widely known and recognized examinations in the world. There are now, at present more than 1000 testing centers in every country. Most aspirants sit for this examination to prove their dominance over the English language, either for academic or immigration purposes. In the countries like the USA, Australia, and Canada, most governmental bodies, post-secondary organizations, and private companies recognize this examination result for English proficiency.

It is the only examination approved by the UK immigration and visa office inside and outside the UK. You have to study in depth through the best IELTS online coaching if you want to excel in the examination. You can take private lessons or practice tests since the examination process of IELTS is quite challenging, and the result will determine the candidate’s future. 

Types of IELTS examination

There are primarily three types of IELTS examination present for the aspirants, which are:

Academic IELTS required for admission to universities and colleges

General IELTS training that confirms the English proficient of the candidate to an employer, for immigration purpose or for acquiring a citizenship

IELTS life skills necessary for people applying for the UK citizenship

What are the different modules of the IELTS examination?

Both Academic and IELTS general training consists of 4 modules, which are reading, writing, speaking, and listening. All the modules take place in the same location and testing center. The exams occur in the order of Listening, reading, writing and at last speaking. You have to answer all the questions of listening, reading, and writing on the same day with no intervals between them. The IELTS speaking module sometimes gets scheduled on the same day or another day. The exam center will inform the candidates about the exact date.

Total Duration of the IELTS Examination

The total examination duration of the IELTS is for 2 hours and 45 minutes. The entire time is split into:

  • 30 minutes of listening
  • One hour of reading
  • One hour of writing
  • 11 to 15 minutes of speaking

IELTS Examination Format

You might sit for the IELTS examination in two formats which are:

Paper-based IELTS test where you have to read the test materials from the examination booklet paper and write through pen and paper

  • Computer dependent IELTS test where you have to read all the test materials on a computer screen, and you have to type the answers in it

But you have to speak in front of an examiner in person for the speaking module in both the test versions. 

What is the purpose of IELTS academics? 

Suppose you want to take admission for a higher examination in a native English-speaking country or any other colleges or universities all across the world. In that case, you have to take this examination. There are over 10000 private and public educational institutions all over the globe that accept the scores for IELTS academics. 

What is the purpose of IELTS General Training?

If you want to immigrate or work in a native English-speaking country like Canada, New Zealand, Ireland, Australia, the USA, and the UK, you have to attend the IELTS General Training test. 

Preparation Tips for the IELTS Examination

Ensure that you have to study hard for the IELTS examination and practice doing different sample tests, which you can get by enrolling in any one of the reputed IELTS Institute in Delhi. It is significant to use all the study materials related to the IELTS test, as they will give you a feel of what the examination is all about. It is now time to check out the IELTS examinations’ preparation tips, which are as follows.

  • Make proper use of the time till the day of the examination
  • Learn some strategies relevant to this particular test
  • Build the vocabulary of the English language
  • Learn everything new everyday
  • Do timely mock tests
  • Train for your attention skills
  • Practice how to say things and write through different synonyms
  • Practice all the test modules like listening, writing, reading, and speaking

Final Thoughts

The development of the IELTS examination is to offer an accurate and fair study of English language proficiency. All the questions asked in the tests are prepared by the language specialists of the countries like Australia, New Zealand, the USA, Canada, and the UK. The content for the IELTS examination is taken from everyday situations. Take professional help from any one of the well-known IELTS coaching centers to get your desired band score in this examination.

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