9 Benefits of Computer-Based IELTS Test

The International English Language Testing System or IELTS is nothing but an exam that helps the candidates to move abroad for their job and for their study purposes. With passing time, the popularity of this exam is increasing amongst the people. Do you know that now you can appear for a computer-based IELTS test? The popularity of the IELTS exam is massive, and soon the computer-based exam will take over the world. Many competitive examinations at the national and international level have already shifted to online platforms to make the experience of online exams outstanding. 

Benefits of computer-based IELTS exam

Here are nine reasons why we believe that the new test format will overdo the old one.

1. Convenience

The computer-based test format is much more convenient than the pen paper-based ones. From the initiation of the process to attempt the paper, it is a seamless process. Instead of getting a never-ending email, you receive a simple set of instructions. Just reach the place at the chosen date and given time, and sit for the exam.

2. Time-saving

In a pen paper-based test format, you have to fill a long list of personal details on an OMR sheet. The process of coloring the bubbles of the OMR sheet might be frustrating to you. If you color it untidily, the panic of your sheet getting rejected adds up to the frustration levels. By choosing computer mode, you can save yourself from this hectic procedure. In a computer-based test, all your details will remain present in the system. All you need to do is sit comfortably at your place and start attempting questions as soon as the time begins. It will undoubtedly save your time and energy as well.

3. Amazing test centers

The organizations have spent sufficient time and resources to build the new test centers. All the rooms have updated services like air conditioning, drinking water, and clean washrooms. The invigilators also find it easy to manage the candidates better in an online exam. As soon as you enter the room, you will get a system number to sit. That is all you have to do. It will save you from the long process of attesting the signatures on several documents. The centers are much better than the universities converted into exam halls where candidates get herded like cattle.

4. Super friendly invigilators

The change in the entire test format has made the staff super friendly. The system is streamlined, ensuring no rush and pressure. In an offline exam, invigilators have a long list of duties and responsibilities to get fulfilled. These include question papers distribution, collection of answer sheets, getting signatures done, and many more. In an online exam, all the students have to do is make the candidates sit on the allotted computer systems. It significantly reduces their pressure.

5. Lesser test taker at one time

The computer-based IELTS test is taken in small groups making everything more relaxing. Mostly all candidates prefer taking the test in tiny batches instead of a crowd as it helps maintain their peace of mind.

6. Online tests have made writing easier

Everyone who has appeared in the IELTS exam at least once will agree that writing physically is tough. Even if you can structure paragraphs and form sentences well, you may struggle with writing on paper. In this technological era, not many are habituated with good handwriting. Some people also experience pain in their hands after writing for too long. Typing, in contrast, is much easier.

7. Fairer test format

Reading and listening sections are 100% marked by computers. It will eliminate the chances that you will lose marks because of the carelessness of humans. Also, since you have to type the answers in the writing section, there is no reduction of marks for your poor handwriting.

8. Use headphones

While reading and writing, use headphones to concentrate well. It will block the noises from the surroundings. You are allowed to do so in the computer-based IELTS exam.

9. Faster Results

Another enormous improvement of this new test format over the older one is faster results. You will get your score in four to five days of taking the exam. This test format gives results eight to nine days sooner than the pen paper-based examination.

Final Words

A computer-based IELTS exam will give you an exceptional exam experience. At first, the new test format might appear difficult. But once you appear for an online exam, you will never want to go back to the pen-paper format. If you are taking online coaching for IELTS, it will act as a booster in preparing for the IELTS exam. The online platforms help their students prepare well by making them familiar with the test format well in advance.

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