6 IELTS Listening Tips to Increase Your Score

IELTS Online Training – 6 IELTS Listening Tips to Increase Your Score

The listening task is the first section that you will encounter in the IELTS test. There is not much difference in both the listening task of the General and Academic IELTS test. Both of them include identical versions. Now, you might be thinking the listening task is much easier than the reading, speaking, or writing section of the IELTS, but this is not the case. You have to be well prepared through IELTS training in thane, to score well in this section since the listening test includes a faster pace and needs complete concentration. To pursue a high score, you should have a strong base and knowledge of the English Language. You should require proper time management to proper in the listening segment. In this write-up, we will be bestowing some of the best six listening tips for enhancing your IELTS score.

Know the Format Well

The listening test consists of four segments, which are as follows.

Segment 1

There are usually two speakers having an everyday telephonic conversation on possible situations like booking a table in the restaurant, renting an apartment, or planning a bus trip. Questions primarily focus on the primary information like data, names, and places.

Segment 2

It includes a single speaker consisting of a monologue that is dependent on the everyday social surroundings. Questions might contain multiple selections, flow charts, diagram labeling, and table completion.

Segment 3

It includes three or more speakers having an academic discussion on the students, and the questions might contain fill in the blanks and multiple-choice answers.

Segment 4

It includes one speaker with a monologue on the academic subject with no break in the middle. The questions might include table completion and fill in the blank.

2. Pay Attention as there will be no repeats.

In the IELTS listening task, the recording is played only once. For this reason, you need to have active listening skills so that you do not miss out on any vital data. Practice tests will help you sharpen this skill as you can listen to any recording without the test environment pressure. Try to complete the test without repetition, as the examiners will be only playing the recording once.

3. Read out the queries carefully.

You need to pay attention to what is the exact query and what you have to answer. Some questions include instructions with a limitation on the word numbers, and if you write more words, then the examiners will deduct the numbers.

4. Note down the answers on the question sheet first.

The four recordings continue to play for 30 minutes. So you need to note down the answers while you move forward. Since you will be noting down the answers rapidly, write them on the question paper first. You will get additional 10 minutes for copying the answers from the question to the answer sheet in the end.

5. Recheck the spellings in the end

Make sure that you have spelled every answer correctly. If not, then marks will get deducted for the incorrect spellings. But do not worry about the spellings when you are listening to the recordings. You can recheck the spellings while transferring the answers to the final sheet from the question paper.

6. Get Ready to listen to different accents.

The speakers in the IELTS listening tests will include accents of native English. But since IELTS is famous internationally and does not change in between the countries, thus it might include

  • North American accent including South and North USA and Canada
  • Southern Hemisphere, including New Zealand, South Africa, and Australia
  • The UK, including South and North England, Wales, and Scotland

Final Thoughts

Sometimes even the native speakers have a hard time understanding the accents in the IELTS listening test. So you can get enrolled in any renowned IELTS Coaching in Thane and proper training to understand the difference in speaking the vowel sounds and other linguistic peculiarities. In this way, you will have no surprises waiting in the examination hall!

How Study Smart will help you in IELTS preparation?

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